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Karlstad Klätterklubb (K3) is an association operated by its members with no employed personnel. The climbing hall is open for visitors outside of the association only if a member of K3 is present. Since there are no ropes set up for top roping all visitors are required to have the capability of lead climbing (even if they only intend to boulder). Visitors pay an entry fee at the cafeteria. It is advised to check in advance whether any K3 members are present and how long they intend to stay. The entry fee is 80 SEK for everyone (even children) and has to be paid before any climbing takes place.


In the summer we recommend climbing outdoors. For more information about outdoors climbing in Karlstad and its vicinity please visit 27crags.com where most of the outdoor scene is documented. In the winter there is a possibility of ice climbing for experienced climbers. For information about access and current state of ice please contact K3 board


If your stay in Karlstad is over a long period of time and you wish to do more indoor climbing, we recommend applying for membership. Before the membership can be granted though, we would like to see that you possess knowledge and abilities that according to Swedish norms are necessary for lead climbing. To demonstrate your knowledge and ability apply for a climbing test, and we will contact you providing instructions and available times.

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